Canulas and Retinopathy! Yugh

E tissues every canula that he has. Today I discovered that the canula in his hand had been transferred to his foot. Later that canula also tissued and needed to be replaced.

His stomach is so much better and today he finally pooed again. His stomach is soft and not distended and I am sure he is over his bug although he still looks very pale.

He had another bath today and loved that again. He really loves warmth. We weighed him and he weighs 1.795kgs. By next week I reckon he will be 2kg. His temperatures have been low since his bath but he is well snuggled and swaddled.

The ophthalmologist came to see him tonight and he has some retinopathy of prematurity – this means that the blood vessels around the retina have not developed properly yet – he will check it out again in two weeks but is pretty confident that it looks like it will not get worse and should get better. I was briefly shattered - I had thought he had the best eye sight in the ward! I am not googling retinopathy any further instead I am trying to take the confident and optimistic route. The test itself was hideous and I had to leave the ward. My poor little angel - how I wish I could take him with me. Seems unfair that I get to run away from the horrors that he is subjected to but, there is so much that I can handle and stuff in his eyes is more than I can handle.

He is definitely spending more time awake and is looking around so peacefully (I say looking around but the opthalmologist may not agree). The more I see him the more I love him, I can’t believe how much love I feel for him – it is quite an amazing feeling and at times can even blur the trauma we are going through. He even seems to love us at this early stage (and no, this is not because we are the only people who do not poke him and prod him, stick tubes in his nose and extract blood from his tiny feet).

His feeds were increased by 2ml every 6 hours today so he will be on full feeds tomorrow - this means the TPN can cease and all the canulas can come out. Thank the Lord! He looks so much better as a baby rather than a patient.

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