My Kingdom for a Sheet

The whole morning has been horribly unsettled and I have been crying almost as much as E. He has been vomiting and crying quite hysterically and he does not settle as quickly as he usually does. His nurse this morning, Claire, eventually put a sheet over him and he is so much happier. Later still, after his cares we wrapped him and he is rapped with that. He looks so calm and peaceful and for the time being the crying has stopped.

This afternoon during our cuddle E seemed to be really alert and hungry. He opened his mouth as if looking for food and when I gave him a dummy with milk on it he sucked vigorously and happily. Is it insane to be so proud of your child? I am sure that soon he will be able to start breast feeding.


  1. I remember being absolutely STOKED when the nurses said that Sophia had needed to be bottled overnight because the tube just wasn't enough anymore. It signalled to me that she wanted to suck and was looking for me...over 12 months on and she's still a boob devotee. Now to get her off...

  2. Lol - we work so hard to get them on and then work doubly hard to get them off!