Acidic Vomit is Not a Good Title (nor is it a good thing to have)

At two weeks old E can reduce his dad to a pool of sweat.

I spent the morning with E who was crying when I arrived (and consequently so was I). He settled quickly, due in part to my brilliant settling techniques, that and the fact that I probably walked in at the tail end of his sobbing session. God I hate not being with him all the time. Anyway he seemed to be his normal content self until his 12 o’clock cares which M attended to by himself. E vomited a huge acidic vomit out of his mouth and nose. He desaturated badly after screaming through this acidic upheaval and becoming tangled in his leads. He needed additional oxygen to get through the whole ordeal. No oxygen was offered to M although I believe he needed it. We certainly need to learn to deal with theses stresses more effectively.

The rest of the day E was settled and he certainly made up for his horrible morning by having a long cuddle with M. M got to pouch him skin to skin and it made me so happy to see it that I managed to express by biggest amount yet. Let it be known that this is still not a big amount. I have become a cow that spends half her life attached to the end of a pump. If I were a real dairy cow I would be made into steak.

E is now on 13ml every two hours.

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  1. I was a good old dairy cow and used to feel horrendously guilty as I'd walk out of the expressing room laden with full bottles after 10 mins, when there were so many women who would be in tears...managing 25ml after an hour.

    I would have donated plenty of mine if I could have...when I started sleeping through the night (I think when Sophia was about 6 weeks old) I would express 450ml of a morning and just threw so much of it away as they had no more storage space left after a while...