First Bath

What an angel – so happy and contented. E loved his first bath (after the initial shock of getting in). He was so relaxed and calm that he fell asleep. He really seemed so happy even after his bath. When he was dried and had his clothes back on he seemed so happy. I just reread this paragraph and I think we can safely assume that he was happy. By the way in case you think I am brave and those are my hands in the photo I am not and nor are they. Those are the hands of the nurse Gabrielle who gave E his first bath.

The sweet pie (E not Gabrielle) has also put on a whopping 50g – he now weighs 1.410kgs.

We are continuing to try E on the breast. So far he is playing a bit but not really sucking. Nevertheless I just love holding him next to me.

Dr C told me that E could be transferred to the Prince of Wales Private . I am neither happy nor impressed. We are so settled and comfortable here, we know all the people and what is more important – they know E and really seem to care about him. Even the nurses not looking after him come to check him out and say hi and lavish him with praise.


  1. Oh Lana, that's one of the most gorgeous things I've seen - he looks like he's just floating in utter bliss!

  2. That picture is both heartbreaking and adorable. Well done E!!

  3. It amazing just how much the water around them...makes must bring back those memories of the womb...Little E u r gorgeous little man...u look long..neally the length of that bathy...

  4. Sophia has loved her baths from the very first time, too. Such a water baby. What a lovely boy.

  5. Thank you everybody for your beautiful comments. We used the bath trick for ages as a settling technique. There were even days in his first year that I tried to breastfeed him in the bath as that seemed to be the only place he was settled.