A Good News Day

What a wonderful day! Life can only get better for my sweet man and it does - continually.

This morning E’s nurse Tara gave me all his good news. The little champion is maintaining his own body temperature and has now moved to an ordinary crib. He is tightly swaddled and covered in warm blankets and so settled and happy. He does occasionally go a bit red in the face and cry but he settles without any intervention. I am proud to say that I am also managing to handle my frequent tears with less intervention although I would not mind some hard drugs. We had to take home his big fluffy dog that was keeping him company as his crib is too small for the two of them. We put a smaller dog, Sally in and also a photo of M and I - just so that he doesn't forget who we are. My only hope now is that he does not confuse us with the fluffy dog (M is quite fluffy and NO I am not a dog)

His other good news is that we are going to slowly start introducing him to my breast. He may not drink from it but he will get used to it and we can bond some more. Any more bonding and we may need wallpaper stripper to pry us apart but I am happy to chance it.

Third big step for the day – E will have his first bath in two days providing he continues to maintain his own body temperature.


  1. Awww, happiness in a warm swaddle.

  2. Thanks everyone - does he not look a little perturbed? Maybe he should face the picture of his parents

  3. It reminds me so much of a photo of Sophia...she's looking at the camera in such an accusing manner...he was so beautiful, Lana (and I'm sure he still is!)