Day 11 - A Day of Firsts

Today M got his first cuddle and all through it E breathed unassisted. He still has a tube in his mouth and I am sure it is tickling his throat as he keeps opening his mouth up wide as if his throat is sore. Perhaps he is just trying to say that he loves us (trying so hard to be optimistic). The cuddle with M went so well that when they put E back down in his cot they left the c-pap off and our precious boy now breathes on his own.

He is so much happier and is definitely more awake to the world. This afternoon when we sat together he had both eyes open for about 15 minutes. He makes faces as if he is smiling and he really seems to be taking in his world. I cannot believe he should still be inside me – he seems so ready to be alive today. He is also on 4ml of breast milk fed through a tube every 2 hours so he should start to gain weight soon. Could do with a bit of weight gain, he is sitting on 1.18kgs today and although it does make carrying him seem so effortless it doesn't do wonders for his strength.

Today’s firsts:
First vomit
First time in dad’s arms (not related to the vomit)
First time both eyes open for his parents
First family photo


  1. What a special, special day! I'd love to share the photos of hub's first cuddle with Sophia - her little face virtually obscured by the CPAP and smaller than her dad's hand.

    Great news at the paediatrician today! Sophia has put on 1kg in the last month! Holy Crap! She was in danger of being classified as failure to thrive when we were in hospital and now has her first ever FAT CREASES ON HER THIGHS!

  2. Every single time I read this blog I cry.
    So, so beautiful, and after 3 post-mature babies it's not something I ever would have experienced.
    I'm SO glad you're sharing xxx