Weigh Day

We expected E to lose a little weight as the drips had been providing him so much fluid and all his canulas had tissued meaning the fluid had gone into his tissues as it was too much for his kidneys to flush. He had lost indeed and his weight today is 1.725kgs – still brilliant.

He had a bath today as well and as always he loved that. He relaxes so much. Afterwards we dressed him in his vest, socks and hat. He was awake and really happy, just looking around with that beautiful contented face.

We had quite a good attempt at breastfeeding and he actually seemed to get something and was quite happy about the whole deal.

I now pick him up whenever he cries and he really likes that – me too. Gabrielle phoned me today (on her day off) to find out how he is – even "strangers" love him. Can't say I blame them!

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