Not Feeling Flash

The morning started out so well. We weighed E and much to my astonishment – in fact I still don’t believe it, he has put on 108grams in 2 days bringing him to a grand total of 1.579kgs.

I bathed E almost unassisted (sounds like I’m the one making the progress) and again he loved his bath. He didn’t sleep through this one but he liked it nonetheless and was very calm.

The rest of the day was not so joyous. I am sure that the HMF (Human Millk Fortifier) that they have added to my breastmilk (via the tube feed) has made him constipated. I held him twice today and both times he screamed. He screws up his face like his tummy is really sore. It really distresses me to see him so upset. Also twice today his heart rate dropped and he needed to be prodded into action. He has also not opened his bowels since 9am this morning.

All in all not a good day coupled with the fact that I spoke to the surgeon about his upcoming hernia operation and circumcision and I am so scared for him.

We did not attend his 9pm cares as we went out for our 10th wedding anniversary. How times have changed. I worried about E all night, the doctors say I am stressing but he just does not look happy to me. I cried for much of the night. My husband is one patient man

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