Mother Throws Tantrums, as you do

This morning I had yet another tantrum on behalf of my son. I arrived at the hospital to find that the overnight staff had turned off his oxygen saturation monitor. They had not disconnected him, just turned the monitor off. I was livid as I did not believe it was time to do this after all he had a desaturation requiring stimulation only yesterday. I spoke to the registrar and the nursing unit manager and it was switched back on. I also spoke to Dr C who agreed with me and told me that I could be as “painful” as I like. Not that I need an excuse really but it does sound so official coming from a doctor - almost like a prescription "you must be painful to the staff in order to get what you want".

I am sure the registrar on duty regrets having met me. After causing a huge fuss about the monitor he is rather nervous of me. Yesterday I clashed with him regarding feeds and so today when he approached me about the feeds again I could see the fear in his eyes. It was warranted. I thought he was increasing the feeds to fast – 1ml every 2nd feed (4 hours). When I came back after rest time he informed me that they are staying on 18ml every two hours for today and only going up tomorrow. No wonder I am so confused.

E had his oral-gastric tube changed to a naso-gastric tube and he hated that procedure. We can now see his mouth and chin properly and he looks gorgeous. His mouth is just like M’s only much much smaller and obviously a bit cuter. The nurse says he has a “strong character”. I know what that means - he is difficult, much like his mother.

I sit and I watch this precious baby all day and I cannot believe how much love I feel for him. He does not seem to sleep that much but even when he is awake he seems very content. It is only when you interfere with him that he gets upset. He does however love having his head touched and his feet stroked.

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  1. Good for you. You know what's best for your baby. Always.

    The adjective the nurses always used to describe Sophia was "feisty". From her very first night in NICU. They were stunned when, on a return visit, I told them how placid she was (and remains!) It's amazing what a difference being home makes...