Day Eight - Making Huge Strides

It was bound to happen. E was surely going to have another "best day of his life". Today was it .

At about 11am they took away the photo therapy lights and wrapped him in a warm blanket, they put a little top on him and he just loved the warmth and security of his new surroundings. At long last we can wrap our little angel up.

E is also breathing really well. He is hardly using the ventilator and breathing real air so today he was taken off the ventilator. He is GORGEOUS. They took the bandages that were holding the ventilator in place off his face and this was the first time we got to see him properly – he is just so perfect. A little while off the ventilator and he needed an oxygen box but all the doctors and nurses are really pleased with him. He is a real soldier. No cuddles though because he is using all his energy to breathe and can't waste that energy cuddling.

He definitely loves to sleep on his tummy.

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  1. Sophia loved it on her tummy too - her sats were always so much better than when on her back. For me, the cutest thing was when they gave her a little rolled up face washer to cuddle...just amazing that, even at this early stage of life, they have the need to hold something or someone for comfort. xox